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  • Experiences Unlimited Using Notepad++ to Compile and Run Java Programs

    Atom has a big following when it comes to text editing. You can download it and all its customizable features from the Mac Store and use it to edit anything. You can even export your copy from it as pure HTML and then paste it into a document or blog post. Once they are […]

  • How To Auto-Format Indent XML HTML in Notepad++

    Finally, the dollar symbol forces the regex engine to check if the text matched by the backreference is a complete line. We already know the text matched by the backreference is preceded by a line break (matched by \r?\n). Therefore, we now check if it is also followed by a line break or if it […]

  • C++ programming without using visual studio 3: Notepad++

    NetBeans also has a code folding feature to quickly collapse and expand blocks of code. It will display a gray line with a minus sign to indicate hidden blocks of codes. Vim is a configurable text editor widely used by programmers and often considered an IDE thanks to the extensions offered. This text editor also […]